Hello 2024 - A message to all members.

2023 has been a very busy year for me personally and for FOTA. Our few EU activations were for all involved a remarkable gathering of same minded HAM operators. Some have now become a very active nucleus in planning the future of FOTA. Our teaser JPEG for the new website under construction gives an idea of what has been happening in the backgound.

It will take several months before we can fully disclose what is being created.

But believe me, we are becoming a very nice community. Meet you on the bands soon. 73, Stefaan OP8L / EI4JVB

ILLW - 2024 - International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend

August 17 and 18.

First time ever activation of Fenit Lighthouse on

Little Samphire Island IO52BG

May - 2024 - EI4FOTA will activate Cape Clear Island IO51GK

Between March 22 and March 24 we will be in Mcgillycuddy's Reeks (Mountain Range).

Weather permitting we will attempt to reach the summit of Ireland's highest peak, Carrauntoohil at 1036 meters altitude.

This will be a QRP activation with Icom IC-705 and ATAS-25 antenna. In SSB we will log all QSO's.

In FT8 we will priority chase DX and secondary alternate between different EU countries.

Nordic FOTA members will also be operating from the Park with EI prefix followed by LA, SM and OH callsigns.

POTA EI-0161 - SOTA EI/IS-001

May - 2024 - EI4FOTA will activate Fastnet Rock Lighthouse IO51EJ

March 15 -18 - 2024 - EI4FOTA will activate Binn Ghuaire.

SOTA IW-039 - POTA EI-0004

February 7 - 2024 - EI4FOTA will attempt to activate Bull Rock!

Off the Cork coast and Dursey Island.

September - 2024 FOTA goes to The Land of The Rising Sun 

POTA activation of Mount Fuji JA-0016

Some JARL members will accommodate 40 FOTA members for 10 days for this very special 'Fuji-San' QSO party.

More info on our secure server. 2023 password is still valid.

May 4 - 2024 - EI4FOTA and ON4FOTA honour 

International Firefighters' Day

May 2024 - EI4FOTA and EI1K go Maritime Mobile

June 2024 - EJ4FOTA will activate Great Blasket Island

November 11 - 2023 Remembrance Day 

EI4FOTA will be guest operators

From Flanders Field American Cemetery and Memorial

September 2023 - August 2024 

Ireland 32 Counties Natural Beauty Activation Tour

We are starting our 32 Ireland counties SOTA, POTA, IOTA, Lighthouse Tour around September 20.

For more info visit EI4FOTA on qrz.com

AUGUST 25  - FOTA - Friends On The Air

Irish DX and Contest Station Coming Soon

We have been very busy over the last year and our 'paradise' FOTA HAMcation DX and Contest Station

is nearing completion. Situated in an idyllic location in County Kerry, amidst beautiful mountain ranges and 4 mile long nearby beaches our EI4FOTA station will be operational autumn 2023.

We will be able to give our 500 members from 34 countries a

Céad Mile Fáilte

(one hundred thousand welcomes)

very soon!

More info on our 32 counties of Ireland Natural Beauty activation tour can be found on qrz.com

Friendly regards, Stefaan

JUNE 4 - Return to Paradise Part 3 - Ireland Islands Tour

We hereby confirm that we will be activating a few Irish Islands between June 20 and July 15.

We have HAM accommodation in Connemara. We start with Inishboffin island.

Contact us on fota@cqqso.eu for more info. Book your flights early! We will pick you up in luxury transport.

JULY 4 update - Activating Connemara National park

POTA EI-0004 on July 8 and 9

MAY 20 - ID9/OP8L Stromboli Island/Volcano

We now finished the activation of POTA I-0289 Stromboli Island/Volcano with 482 QSO and 47 DXCC.

MAY 25-26-27 activation of Egadi islands

May 28-29 activation of Ustica island.

In coperation with IIA, Italian Islands Award.

MAY 17 - ID9/OP8L Stromboli Island/Volcano

First attempt to make QSO's from volcano was interrupted by volcanic activity. We will make second and third attempt on Friday May 19 and Saturday May 20, weather permitting. 73, Stefaan

MAY 2- MAY 31

A Quick post to confirm we have arrived and it's happening.

May 4 to May 10

Starting with ETNA at the Silvestri Crater at 1800 meter followed by a summit activation.

May 15 to May 20 - Stromboli ... first from the beach and then as high as possible towards the eruptions!

Logging on QRZ.com IT9/OP8L - ID9/OP8L - I8/OP8L

Above are pictures from ETNA at the Silvestri Crater at 1800 meter.

Below are pictures from 3000 meter activation @ -3

MAY 20 - MAY 26

We will activate POTA I-1539 Favignana Natura 2000

IOTA EU-054 Egadi Islands


The return to paradise!

After last year's success with the activation of Skellig Island

we are returning to Ireland for the activation of a few islands and summits. Tune in to hear us form the top of Croagh Patrick!

73, OP8L and the other team members of FOTA.

MAY 1 - MAY 30

FOTA Goes Volcanoes !

Activation of Vesuvius, Etna and Stromboli volcanoes.

QRP ! Icom IC-705 and ATAS-25 Mobile vertical antenna.

Not only OP8L but multiple operators will be active.


Our International Friends On The Air Magazine

about DXpeditions, SOTA, POTA and IOTA and the perfect companion to our FOTA  LIVE Guest Videomeetings.

2023 will be a very ACTIVE year, 73 OP8L

STEM - World Heritage Sites

Between April 2023 and November 2024 FOTA - Friends On The Air will be visiting all EU countries and organising special activations in/around UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This in cooperation with local authorities, radio operators and STEM schools. We will combine POTA (Parks On The Air) outdoor activities with cultural heritage and promoting new ways of communications to students within the EU.

All schools can contact us on fota@cqqso.eu

We are now in the planning stages of this project.

This website will be redesigned soon.

Friendly regards,

Stefaan, OP8L

December 12 - 16 - Activating Parks On The Air - ON-0521

Multiple Days, Multiple Operators - Multiple Bands

OCTOBER 15-16 Parks On The Air Autumn Weekend from ON-0518

www.cqqso.eu ILLW 2022 BE-0008
www.cqqso.eu FTdx101
FOTA www.cqqso.eu Spiderbeam
FOTA www.cqqso.eu ILLW 2022
FOTA www.cqqso.eu FTdx10 CW
FOTA www.cqqso.eu Spiderbeam
FOTA www.cqqso.eu iKamper
FOTA ILLW 2022 Marine Kadetten
FOTA www.cqqso.eu ON4AIM
FOTA www.cqqso.eu ON4TV ON3PAN
FOTA www.cqqso.eu ON8WTF
FOTA www.cqqso.eu ON4AIQ
FOTA www.cqqso.eu ON3GIN

SEPTEMBER 5 Lauwersmeer Dark Sky Reserve

SEPTEMBER 6-7 Roskilde Heritage Viking Museum

SEPTEMBER 8  - World Heritage Site Grimeton Radio Station

SEPTEMBER 10-16  - Aland Islands - Activation

SEPTEMBER 30 OCTOBER 7 (Weather Permitting)  - Northcape - Activation



JULY - MONT ST. MICHEL UNESCO World Heritage Site Activation

This has been rescheduled for late September Activation

MAY - UNESCO World Heritage Site - Skellig Island Activation